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What Is a Solution Anyway?

The word solution has to be one of the most misused words in the English language!  Practically every company in the entire world is bragging about their “solutions” in their marketing material and on their websites. But there cannot be a solution without a problem to solve, right? Think about it: who’s got the business […]

Asking Questions vs. Making Statements

Remember when you were a teenager? Did you ever do anything the way your parents told you to? I didn’t think so. But this behaviour is not limited to teens. Adults behave exactly the same. In fact it’s basic phychology: no-one likes to be told what to do. Otherwise we would have no over-weight and […]

Business Goals vs. Business Problems – Focusing on the Positive

From a very long experience in practicing complex solution sales we here at Customer Centric Selling Europe have learned that is a lot easier to get a decision maker to share a business goal that to have him to admit a problem in his organisation. Problems are often embarrasing and the decision maker might be […]

On Qualifying Opportunities: Bad News Early Is Good News

Sales is a funny sport: to win the silver medal is to lose in the worst kind of way. No matter how counter-intuitive this feels, its true. When you compete for some business, go the distance and lose, you are wasting your company’s resources, time, and money while most likely keeping your company from competing […]

You Can’t Sell to Someone Who Can’t Buy

Lets imagine your family is looking to buy a new car. To this end you enter a car showroom with our spouse and your children. In this situation, no car salesperson would try to sell a new expensive family car to your 18 year old daughter – even though your daughter probably will use the new car at some point.

Don’t Make Concessions without Getting Something in Return

This week I was delivering a Business Simulation Workshop™ (BSW) to one of CCS Europe’s key customers. The BSW is a 24 hour simulation game of a complete sales project, where several sales teams compete against each other to win the business from a fictitious customer – portrayed by a team of CustomerCentric Selling™ trained […]

How to Differentiate Yourself from the Competition by Empowering the Buyer

The third core concept of CustomerCentric Selling states: People Buy from People Who Are Sincere and Competent and Who Empower Them. Let’s try to figure out what this means to the salesperson! In today’s competitive market, a salesperson must be sincere and competent merely to get the opportunity to compete. But possessing these qualities are […]

How to Have Meaningful Discussions with Top Decision Makers

In their book called CustomerCentric Selling, Michael Bosworth and his co-authors present their core concepts for reframing the concept of selling. The first principle they describe is “You get delegated to the people you sound like”. They Don’t Call High Enough – But Why? Sales managers often complain that their salespeople “don’t call high enough”, […]

Reframing the Concept of Selling

CustomerCentric Selling is strongly based on the idea of reframing the concept of selling. What does this mean?

CustomerCentric Seller’s 7 Steps to Success

Have a conversation about the customer’s situation instead of diving straight into a product demo. Best customer meetings are based on discussions with the goal to understand the customer better. Ask relevant questions to have a meaningful discussion with the customer. Sellers often like to demonstrate their expertise by offering their own opinions to the […]