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How to Differentiate Yourself from the Competition by Empowering the Buyer

The third core concept of CustomerCentric Selling states: People Buy from People Who Are Sincere and Competent and Who Empower Them. Let’s try to figure out what this means to the salesperson! In today’s competitive market, a salesperson must be sincere and competent merely to get the opportunity to compete. But possessing these qualities are […]

Take the Time to Diagnose before You Offer a Prescription

Imagine going to a doctor you haven’t met previously with a problem like lower back pain. The minute you walk into the doctor’s office and voice your problem she – without asking a single question about your condition – hands you a pre-written prescription and says, “take two of these pills three times a day […]

Good Buying Experience Makes More Loyal Customers

What makes a customer buy from your company again and again? Is it your company’s reputation and brand, the excellence of your products and services or unbeatable value-to-price ratio? Or something altogether different? What Is Your Experience? A recent survey to about 2400 companies found that the above mentioned factors do have a significant impact. […]