CustomerCentric Seller’s 7 Steps to Success

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  1. imageHave a conversation about the customer’s situation instead of diving straight into a product demo. Best customer meetings are based on discussions with the goal to understand the customer better.
  2. Ask relevant questions to have a meaningful discussion with the customer. Sellers often like to demonstrate their expertise by offering their own opinions to the customer. Customers are much more interested in talking to you when you ask them intelligent questions, to which they are able to respond to.
  3. Focus on solving the customer’s problems, thereby building a long-term buyer relationships in a much better way than focusing solely on personal relationships. If you can get the customer to see with his mind’s eye the solution to a burning problem, he will be happy to cooperate with you also in the future.
  4. Spend most of your time with the business decision-makers. Many companies make life difficult for their sellers by having them overdose on  information about product features. This only prepares them for discussions with people on a lower level of the customer’s organization. Instead, sellers must be provided with ammunition for conversationss with high level decision makers (who aren’t in the least interested in your product’s features).
  5. Help your customers understand how your product or service is used. To do this, you must understand how your current customers use your products or services to do better business. Unfortunately, many companies tell their sales people everything about their products, but not a word about how real life customers are using these products.
  6. Manage your managers, instead of requiring them to constantly worry about your sales results. When you use your time with real decision-makers, you’ll have well qualified sales projects in you funnel. Your superiors are left with the task to provide the necessary resources you need internally for carrying out the sales project.
  7. Help your customers achieve their goals and solve their problems. The best CustomerCentric sellers rarely need closing techniques, as their customer buys from them voluntarily and willingly. The best sellers give their customer a concrete vision of how the solution they are offering will help the customer reach his goals.

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