On Sales and Corporate Strategy

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Pencil Work by Chris Brogan on Flickr

Why don’t your sales organisation and corporate strategy speak the same language?

Strategy Looks Great (on Paper)

I’ve met with lots of companies with great looking strategies. When talking to senior executives they never forget to highlight the hours and money they’ve spent with top consulting companies to help them to put together the strategy of the decade. This is great.

What about Execution?

On the other hand, talking to the VP of Sales in the very same company the strategy execution looks very different. Salespeople, who should be in the frontline executing the brilliant corporate strategy are soing no such thing. Instead, they seem to decide – independent of any strategy – what to sell, how to sell and to whom to sell. Now, this might be acceptable from a revenue generating point of view but it has very little to do with strategy implementation.

Sales Does Its Own Thing – Why?

It seems to me that in most companies, whatever the corporate strategy is, sales always decides in the end with its own actions what the strategy deliverables will be – if any.

Why does this happen?

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