What Does It Take to Be the Best?

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Photo by Vintage Collective @ Flickr

In September 2010 the Best B2B Sales Organisation in Finland was selected in a competition arranged by Customer Centric Selling Finland. The winner was chosen based on a thorough analysis and with the help of a panel of experts comprised of both academics from the Aalto University and seasoned business leaders such as ex-CEO of IBM Finland and CEO of Cisco Systems Finland.

The winning team is Martela Finland, the leading designer and supplier of interior solutions for working environments and public spaces in the country.

How Do You Became a Winning B2B Sales Organisation?

So what type of characteristics describe a winning sales organisation? In the case of Martela, the winning attributes were:

  • The company grows and operates profitably
  • The sales management can boast a very accurate sales forecast
  • The sales process is duly implemented in the sales force automation system
  • The personnel involved in sales efforts use the technology for supporting and managing sales on a daily basis
  • Sales Management monitors and coaches the sales teams on a regular basis guided by the sales information system
  • The company employs a fair management culture
  • Customer feedback about the sales organisation (in the analysis) was very positive. Martela also monitors customer satisfaction systematically.
  • The sales organisation gets excellent support from other organizations (marketing, production and other support functions).
  • The vast majority of sellers achieves its sales target.
  • Approximately 90 hours per year per person is spent in sales related training.

How would your company stack up against this list? Does it have what it takes to be the best?

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