3 Things All Top Sellers Have in Common

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Salespeople need a lot of different working habits, qualities and skills to succeed at their job. Some of the requirements of course strongly depend on the nature of the task. Large account manager role  definitely needs different skills than a new customer acquisition or “hunter” role. However, there are some basic characteristics that I think unite all the top sellers, especially when talking about the complex sale.

A reealistic view of oneself, the company they represent, their customers and sales projects. This is coupled with the ability to identify the real situation within each customer and sales project – and act accordingly. The assessment of a sales project’s status is based on verifiable customer statements, not on the seller’s own wishful thinking.

Ability to operate systematically and methodically. These sellers are the ones who follow a systematic sales process, even if the sales organization hasn’t got one implemented. They know about each sales project at least, what is the next goal or  step forward.

Ability and willingness to really understand the customers goals and challenges. This includes adequate information gathering already in advance, in order to achieve credibility in the eyes of the customer and to discuss in the customer’s terms about his business issues.

These things can be greatly helped by an appropriate sales model and process. A good sales model guides all sellers to follow a realistic and systematic way of working and helps prepare for customer discussions. But the drive to become a good seller will not be brought to you by any process or model – this is something you need find on your own.

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